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Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair About US

Welcome to Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

Message from the president 

If you are reading this, it indicates that you want to know about Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair’s philosophy as to why we established this business and specifically in this industry. I have seen many damaged buildings, and when the restoration technicians were wandering around without taking care of the people’s belongings, it pained me. I’ve seen the insurance agencies take advantage of homeowners who didn’t speak up for themselves and muscle their below-average restoration contracted guys to do the repairs at a discounted rate, not to the customer’s benefit. Then, I decided to start a restoration company based on the quality and to service Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe AZ’s residents. My employees feel the pain and anguish of our customers and strive to mitigate the damage and repair every salvageable item. Most important of all, My team and I will treat all your materials with compassion and care.

Insurance issues

When you pay for your house’s insurance, there is one thing in your mind that the company will cover all the repairs in case of some accident, and all you have to do is inform them about the disaster and do everything for you. This dream never comes true in real life, and there are various people involved in the process. You have to check for the restoration companies who work with the insurance agents. And there are several different companies for different repairs in the house.

We have created such a company that works with most of the insurance providers and agents. And we allow you to make your dream come true. You can forget about all the different companies involved in their names, paperwork, and reports to get a claim from the insurance company. We do it for you because we know a damaged house is already enough pain.

Swift response

When your house or a commercial building experiences water damage, you find yourself alone and helpless. You need someone to help you in the time of plight. We know that you need some person around who can assure you that all is not lost. Things can be taken care of when you call our company. Our employees know that behaving like a quality human who has a heart, can work with empathy to provide relief to the unfortunate owner.

We remain on standby for a swift response even on holidays because we know that a disaster can hit anytime, and only a quick response can save you from stress and your property from further damage.

Damage mitigation

Swift response is one part of the game. The other important thing is the philosophy of pour organization, which utilizes the ways and processes that provide you with damage mitigation in the time of distress. Water tends to destroy most of the things it touches. And there are high chances that when it affects particular things, it can ruin them quickly. We take care of water molecules absorbed by different areas and stuff inside the building. Our intense drying and dehumidification process takes care of all the water molecules, which can cause swelling, mildew, or mold development in the future.

Our work starts with a swift response, and we analyze the situation and start taking out the salvageable commodities at once. Through our practice, we know that professional touch and some tools can again make those products useful as new, and you won’t have to repurchase the product.

True relief

Our mission is to provide you with real relief from disaster and all its consequences. We work for you like you want us to do. We provide the most satisfying services and stop at nothing in restoring your building to its former glory. Our company has earned the reputation of people’s choice and won people’s hearts by rendering efficient and affordable services to damage hit building.

Many insurance companies streamline most of the things for you, but unfortunately, most companies don’t provide you with relief in this situation. I have seen many upset adjusters and broke customers who were more stressed out in the restoration process than when disaster hit their building. I started this company to provide relief to disaster and damage victims by streamlining everything between most insurance companies and the processes. When you call our technicians to offer you repair and restoration of a damaged building, you call expert services providers. And we will take care of your property during the restoration process. And will provide you with ease and comfort when you have to deal with insurance companies and agents. We know that the insurance company has a significant role in the restoration process, and we make everything aligned for the company to play efficiently and effectively.