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Tips to Homeowners for Sewer BackUp.

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Tips to Homeowners for Sewer BackUp.

Tips to Homeowners for Sewer BackUp.

Sewer backup and flooding are some of the most excruciatingly painful experiences a homeowner can face on any given day.

In Northern America alone, water damage happens every year, and losses worth millions of dollars get recorded sometimes.

One of the most familiar reasons for sewer backup is over-flooding following a storm disaster.

  1. Maintain sewer lateral. Many homeowners don’t know that they must maintain the lines between their sewer lines and the city’s sewer system. Check that the roots of trees have not attacked the pipes.
  2. Dispose of grease properly. Pouring grease and other oily products down the drain isn’t suitable for the sewage system’s life.
  3. Dispose of paper products properly. Paper and other products that are not biodegradable should not get pushed down the drain and into the sewer.
  4. Use plastic pipes. The roots of trees cannot easily penetrate plastic pipes. They typically last for more extended periods.
  5. Consider a backwater prevention valve. When installed in your basement, a backwater prevention valve will allow sewage to go out but not to come back inside.

If you are experiencing backup of your sewage regularly, then the time has come for you to consider having a professional company help with your system’s maintenance.

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