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Apartment Complex Water Damage

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There are various complications and myths regarding apartment water damage. But one thing is exact: the damage happens to the building, which is the owner's property. If the tenant does not fault the water damage situation, then all the expenses will be paid by the owner, and he will be at fault and held responsible for the damage. There could be various reasons and factors for eh water damage, but the repair is inevitable, and you cannot compromise on some traditional plumber for the repair.

What to do?

Whenever there is an apartment that has suffered from water damage, the right thing to do is call Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair team form mitigating the damage and restore your property in the shortest time. We take care of all the insurance-related issues and provide you with swift services in apartment restoration in case of water damage. The thirty years of experience have made us understand all the different situations, causes, and water damage solutions. If something new happens, we have modern tools and scientific methods to identify the problem and render a lasting solution.

Causes of Water Damage

Various causes and factors are responsible for water damage in apartments. The most common ones are as follows:


Most of the time, an overflowing bathtub can cause severe damage to the apartment that you can hardly imagine. The flowing water can cause damage to the lower floor when water seeps through the ceiling or walls. It can destroy the entire floor and ceiling of the lower apartment. The damaged floor also affects the walls, and in some cases, you have to change the whole floor if water causes substantial damage.

Leaky Ceilings

When the upper portion's washroom floor is leaking, it will make your entire ceiling leak from various places. It becomes difficult to diagnose and identify the cause of the leak for plumbers if they don't have the right tools and understanding to get the job done correctly.

Our expert technicians with more than three decades of experience and modern tools analyze the situation and identify the reason for the leak and provide you with lasting measures. We save your valuables and your property from such incidents in the future with our valuable and efficient services.

Appliances with Leaky Hoses

The dishwasher and refrigerator sometimes become more dangerous than they are useful for us. These products add value to our lives. But when there is a leaking hose in the dishwasher or your refrigerator drips the water, it will ruin the kitchen floor, and you will have to suffer the damage to some real extent.

Our technicians are trained and certified in taking care of leaks and providing you with lasting measures to protect your apartment and all the valuables inside.

Broken Pipes

A broken pipe provides the most significant damage to the whole complex and more than one apartment. In various cases, eh traditional plumber becomes helpless in finding the leak and problem in the plumbing.

On the other hand, our expert technicians are experienced and equipped with modern tools and scientific methods in identifying and fixing water leaks within minutes of reaching your location.

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square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix
square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix
square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix