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Commercial Water Damage Phoenix

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Commercial buildings are vulnerable to water because of inventory, appliances, and aesthetic valuables placed inside. Commercial water damage repair involves modern tools and scientific methods to make the building before the calamity made the situation out of control. Until you don't restore it and mend all the repairs in the commercial building, the delay in regular operations and processes will cause a loss in your company's terms of dollars and goodwill. That's why you need a company that repairs all the damage in the minimum time and restores your business and commercial property as once it was.

Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

In Phoenix, when a commercial building gets hit by water, there is only one apparent choice Square One Restoration. We have provided the most satisfying services to people in commercial water damage repair for more than three decades. Our experience and modern tools have made us the top-rated service provider in town. We stop at nothing in repairing the damage to your commercial property and restoring it to its former glory through the most effective and efficient ways.

Reasons for Commercial Water Damage

The reasons for commercial water damage in Phoenix:


Arizona witnesses various floods in the season. The water path buildings must go for water damage mitigation to minimize the damage caused by water. The floodwater is full of debris, dirt, and bacteria. If it contaminates the carpets, floor, and furniture, in some cases, you might have to throw all your valuables to keep the people inside the building healthy. Our expert technicians get trained in taking care of all the water damage situations caused by floods.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is also the most common factor that causes water damage to the city's commercial buildings. If there is any crack in the walls or ceiling that allows the water to pass, all the water will get inside the building, and it will cause havoc inside. When the water reaches the furniture and inventory, the damage can reach thousands of dollars sum. And with the support of our expert technicians, you can mitigate the damage and in the least amount can get all the damages repaired.

Extreme temperature

In February 2019, Phoenix witnessed the coldest and more prolonged cold spell. The summer in the area remains a bit uncomfortable, but the extreme conditions in summer can cause pipes to expand in the sprinklers and cause severe damage to your property. Our expert technicians are equipped with gadgets and tools and take care of such a situation and save your commercial property. Your fire sprinklers also become vulnerable to extremely cold temperatures and cause chaos inside.


Whenever there is a hailstorm or gust of winds with rain, things become out of control from the people's hands. Your commercial property becomes most vulnerable in these kinds of situations, and you have to face some substantial amount of damage because of a crack in the wall or broken window glass. Our expert technicians reach your location and provide you with damage repair with lasting measures.

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square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix
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