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Smoke Damage

Welcome to Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

water-fire-smoke-damage-restoration-phoenix-19Whenever your building is hit by fire, the most common issue you have to deal with afterward is smoke damage restoration. Your building can be hit by fire because of various reasons, and every reason will cause smoke and soot to damage the walls, furniture, and equipment. Even if it was a small fire inside the kitchen or some appliance caught on fire, the smoke and soot is the result that will tarnish the area and will force you to take measures in repairing the damage and cleaning the affected areas.

You cannot do it on your own because you cannot wash everything and place it with water and detergent, and some particles can be hazardous for you and people inside the building.

Common Types of Smoke Damage

At Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair, we have to deal with all types of smoke damage caused by various factors in different circumstances. But there are some common types of smoke which most of the buildings have to suffer.

Dry Smoke
when something burns with high temperature and rapid flames, the result is dry smoke that has powdery textures and sticks with everything around. The smoke's nature depends on the material, which has caused the fire to turn into flame from a spark or so.

The removal of the smoke is relatively easy because of the powdery structure. All the things around the flame get fully covered with the smoke. Most of the time, the dry smoke doesn't smell bad except when the material burnt has some chemicals that cause the odor. Our expert technicians take care of this kind of smoke in the most efficient way and clean all of your furniture, walls, ceiling, and equipment with human-friendly chemicals.

Protein Residue
when you use organic material in your kitchen, and it melts on low heat, the smoke and soot are mostly invisible in such a case. This smoke can cause a yellowish-tan over the wall and ceiling. The shiny texture is the identification that this place has been hit by protein residue smoke.

Most of the time, people think that they do not need to remove this kind of smoke, but the strange and pungent smell makes life difficult around such places that suffer from such smoke. This condition makes the walls and ceiling absorb more dirt. It will turn dark and dirty over time, and you can't do anything to make things better except calling the expert technicians who come with sophisticated gadgets and safe to use chemicals in your home and building.

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Wet Smoke
when some plastic or rubbers get burned by the low heat flame, it causes the most pungent smell and the dirty smoke with clear residues that stick to everything that comes in contact with such smoke. You cannot clean the smoke and soot yourself because it gets inside the pores, and there isn’t much that you can do in this situation.

At Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair is the perfect solution in taking care of all kinds of smoke inside the building to provide you with the ultimate solutions.

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