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Fire Damage Phoenix

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Whenever there is fire damage to any property, it is evident that not all the fires are the same, and neither are the buildings that have faced the damage. The restoration process of the fire-damaged building is different in commercial or domestic buildings. The settings and environment are also different in each structure, regardless of residential or commercial. This is why the restoration process is always different in a fire damage situation. Our expert technicians in Phoenix know how to respond in every case and provide you the most effective and efficient restoration plan that comes with satisfying services in town.

Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

Fire damage restoration process includes:


When you call our emergency response team, the fire damage restoration process starts right away. The expert technicians identify the fire's cause and source; it will help decide the restoration process measures. If there are some hazardous elements involved in the fire, the smoke can severely threaten people's health.


The next step is more crucial in the whole fire restoration process. In this step, the expert and trained members evaluate the entire situation and look for the areas and valuables affected by water damage. These areas and items are the ones that can be taken care of while providing you the damage mitigation service. Most of the time, a few techniques and processes taken in time can completely restore the items, and you won't have to buy the whole product all over again.

Removing Content 

All the valuables open and placed in an unsafe situation under the continuous threat of getting damaged during the restoration process are taken out and placed in a safer environment. Our expert technicians focus on damage mitigation in providing the most satisfying services. All the building's contents are kept secure under the agile watch for the items' safety.

Water Extraction

The fire gets extinguished by water and foam. All the water inside the building is a serious threat to the drywalls; wooden floors and carpets are the most vulnerable items that can ultimately be ruined by water. Our expert technicians know this fact and take swift actions accordingly. The industrial-grade pumps take out all the water within minutes, and your property is free from the puddle sand to stagnate water inside.

Drying and Clearing

The only extraction is not enough water easily seeps through the porous structures, and various place sand items soak the water and hide it in the structure to cause swelling and mold creation in the future. Scientific methods and modern gadgets take care of the water molecules hidden in the trickiest places.

Smoke and Odor Removal

The smoke and soot are the most dangerous things after the fire and water damage. Our expert technicians take care of the smoke and soot and save your appliances, walls, and valuables from getting tarnished and damaged because of these two.

Repair and Restoration

Our technicians take care of the damaged areas and repair them with lasting measures and restore your property to its former glory in the least time through the most affordable plan and satisfying services.

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square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix
square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix