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Commercial Water Damage Tempe

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The city in the east of Phoenix with Tempe's center of the arts, Tempe Town Lake, and Tempe Beach Park attracts most people in town. The tourists and spectators have created a vast commercial market in the area. You can have all the modern facilities in the commercial buildings that are lucrative to people from all around the country. These commercial buildings cannot trust and use the services of traditional plumbers with rusted tools.

What do You Need in a Water Damage Situation?

You need Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair services in taking care of any emergency related to water and commercial damage repair in the city. Our team has been providing top-rated services to people for more than thirty years. Our team takes the least time possible to apply the damage repair measures in the most affordable ways.

Commercial Damage Process

The commercial damage repair process starts when your property gets hit by water, fire, or smoke; you call our expert technicians to take care of the situation.

Emergency Response

The most important service that the water-damaged building requires is emergency response. Various valuable commodities can get saved from water damage if they are taken care of at the right time.

Preemptive Measures

The first thing we do is to take care of the primary water supply line and electric supply. The commercial buildings have various electrical appliances that can get ruined if water reaches the location. These preemptive measures help us in mitigating the water damage to your property and furniture inside. These measures also save the lives of the people working inside the building. If the water level touches any electric equipment currently on it, it will pose a severe threat to the people and all the equipment inside.

Water Extraction

The next step is to take care of all the water that is on the floor. The water can seep through the porous substances, and it can destroy the wooden floor within an hour of its presence. This water can ruin the drywall and wall-to-wall carpet. Your rugs and carpets get destroyed even if there is half of inch water on the floor. Our expert technicians take care of the water within minutes.

We use industrial-grade vacuum pumps and submerged pumps that can also run on gasoline generators if we had to cut the building's electricity. All the water gets extracted with modern and powerful tools that take out all the water within an hour and clear the damage repair process.

Drying and Cleaning

When all the water gets taken out, it is time to identify the areas that have absorbed the water and industrial-grade safe-to-use heaters to evaporate the water from those areas to prevent swelling and mold creation.


This is the final step of the process. Here all the valuable commodities and areas inside the commercial building are inspected, and our expert technicians use state of the art methodologies with scientific methods in repairing those areas. Our technicians use lasting measures to take care of the damaged regions and make your commercial property the same as before the water damage.

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square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix
square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix