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Fire Restoration Services

Welcome to Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

commercial residential water damage restoration las vegas 107Fire restoration services are made up of the most significant restoration services, making people call us in their calamities. Fire damage is the most devastating kind of damage that can happen to your property. When your commercial building hits by fire, the water sprinklers will cause water damage, and you will have to go for a complete solution. In your home, the firefighter team will use the water and foam to extinguish the fire, and you will have to go for the combo of fire, water, and smoke damage to restore your house and make it habitable once again.

Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

The expert and certified technicians are trained and experienced in providing the most satisfying services in all the various needs under the single fire restoration plan. Our services in fire restoration include the following:

Emergency Response

When you call the Square One Team, you get a swift response, and our team reaches your location within the least time possible for taking care of the situation and mitigating the damage to the maximum extent. Our experts know that any delay in the restoration will damage the things inside and add a serious amount to the restoration process.


You don't want everything open if your wall has collapsed or a hole in your roof. Sometimes the smaller flame can also cause devastating damage to the walls and the roof. That is why it is necessary to take care of that open area with some tarping technique.

Foundation Check

When your building has been hit badly with the fire, there must be some walls or ceilings on the verge of collapse. If not provided with the proper support, these places could damage the property and harm the team in the most harmful ways. Our expert technicians take care of those areas by providing them the most robust and strong support in making everything safer in the whole restoration process.

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Damage Mitigation

Our experts follow the philosophy of restoration, not a replacement. This philosophy helps our team take care of all the things that can be repaired and mended for reuse inside your property. You don’t always have to buy the whole furniture and inventory inside when the fire has badly hit the building.

Water Restoration

Fire restoration services are incomplete without taking care of all the water accumulated in extinguishing the fire. The water has the tendency to ruin the floor and walls along with furniture and appliances. Our technicians use modern equipment and scientific methods for removing and cleaning all the water from the area.

Smoke and Soot Restoration

Fire causes smoke to reach the roof and cover everything from walls to furniture appliances and carpets submerged in the powdery texture that becomes difficult to remove and causes a strong and pungent smell for the people inside the building.

The Final Touch

Reconstruction, primer, and paint is the final touch that completely restores a fire-damaged building to its former glory. The Square One Team has all the required acumen and knowledge to provide you with the most satisfying service in the fire restoration services.

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