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Fire Sprinkler Leaking

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Have you arrived at your office and found a pool of water on the floor? This could be due to your fire sprinkler leaking. Square One Restoration Water Fire Smoke Damage Repair has dealt with similar issues in the past and can tell you that it is one of the aftermaths of a fire sprinkler leak.

A fire sprinkler leak is not uncommon. Our phones ring off the hook due to three specific problems.

These problems include corrosion, gear failure, damaged sprinkler heads, and freezing. Let's take a closer look at each of them so that you can get a better understanding.


Before now, the guess has been that microbiological impact on the sprinkler system is what leads to corrosion. However, with recent studies coming to the forefront, the primary culprit is oxygen. When you see stained water, the smell of rotten egg, rusting, these are signs of corrosion, and you should act immediately. You should call for help and get the service of the professionals enlisted.

Gear Failure

The cause of fire sprinkler leaking might not be due to corrosion. Sometimes, inappropriately installed or designed sprinklers are the primary driver of this issue. Some technicians are of the habit of excessively tightening or inappropriately installing sprinkler heads. This is the reason you should only go for professionals when you have a project to do. Professionals will always follow standard practices.

Damaged Sprinkler Heads

The location of the sprinklers might be a factor that determines its longevity. Hoodlum might damage sprinkler heads if they get positioned where human interference is highly possible. Also, machines like forklifts might destroy the sprinkler head in their operations if they are not well supervised. The protective covering should get built around the sprinkler heads to prevent mistaken damage.


Other than system failure, the sprinkler heads can get destroyed by the temperature being too low. It would do you well always to examine the temperature to ensure that it doesn't drop below forty degrees. Although freezing temperatures are rare in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe they do happen occasionally.  Also, checks should ensure that the sprinklers close to the windows don't freeze out. Windows should get shut before going on.

Fire sprinkler repair

If you want to repair your sprinkler, Square One Restoration Water Fire Smoke Damage Repair can assist you. We have helped the residents and businesses around this area handle their water, smoke, and fire damage issues. We have a reputation for always beating the expectations of our customers.

We have been in operation for more than a decade. During this period, we have successfully handled fire sprinkler issues for many home and business owners. That is why they are quick to recommend us when the need arises for a reliable and proficient plumbing company.

We have many qualified professionals working for us. These individuals are good workers and can be trusted to deliver the quality of solutions that have come to be associated with us over the years. They can handle restorations with perfection, no matter the degree of damage done.

We work with modern tools and equipment to deliver our jobs. That's because we like to be at the forefront when results are measured. It is the reason why we have a better rating than what many companies can manage.

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Come to us today. We have continually satisfied the people's cravings for a company that has the reputation of always delivering satisfactory results. We are always available to take new orders as we work round the clock. Come to us today.

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square one restortion water smoke fire damage repair phoenix
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