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Smoke Damage Scottsdale

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In Scottsdale, fire damage is not a rare thing. That's why our expert technicians remain to stand by for providing the most satisfying services in all kinds of fire and smoke damage restoration services. Smoke is the most devastating agent that becomes more dangerous than the fire itself. Fire burns the items and destroys them, but the smoke sticks to the walls, appliances, and inventory and causes severe threats to the people living or working inside the building. The smoke and soot can cause cancer or various medically severe issues to the people in the longer run. When the smoke and particles get taken carefully, the building is safe for people to stay inside.

What not to do

Whenever fire or smoke damage occurs, never do the following:

  1. When the smoke and soot has stuck to the walls and surface of your valuable, never touch them with your bare hands. The particles and oil on the surface will permeate the surface, and it will become more difficult for you to get rid of. When penetrating inside the surface of your upholstery and woodwork, the smoke and soot can cause permanent tarnish or damage to the surface depending upon the nature of the smoke and soot.
  2. Do not wash the walls and other items in your house with water and detergent. It is a myth that all kinds of smoke and soot residues can be cleaned from the surface using water and detergent. It is not accurate. You will end up ruining the texture and shine of your wall. In some cases, you can also permanently damage your valuable products.
  3. Your carpets, rugs, and upholstery are the signature products in defining your aesthetic sense. These products get made with fine structure, and the surface is the most vulnerable area to smoke and soot damage. If you clean the smoke and soot from the surface of these products, it will penetrate the surface, and you will end up destroying the surface, and the valuables products will look like year-old products you have purchased from a second-hand exchange store. The expert technicians at Square One know how to take care of these delicate objects. And without damaging the carpets, rugs, and furniture structure, we provide you with products that look as good as new in the least time possible.
  4. Soot can cause a slimy layer on the surface of the valuable products. Your electrical equipment is no exception either. Sometimes it happens that the soot has penetrated deep inside the circuit board, and it has created a layer of conducting material that can pass the current to these places where it shouldn't suppose to be. When you turn on the appliances without getting them checked, they can get damaged from the short circuit, and you will have to spend extra money on replacing the equipment. Always get your appliances checked in case of fire and smoke damage inside your building.

Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

Our expert technicians provide you with the most satisfying services in taking care of all the smoke and fire damage consequences and mitigate the damage through the most affordable restoration process.

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