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Smoke Damage Tempe

Welcome to Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

You don't always need a complete fire restoration plan in a fire damage situation. There were many cases when the fire was just a flame alive for a few moments, and people inside the building have taken care of the fire. But the consequences of the little flame are far worse than the damage caused by fire. A flame is not the one that was devastating to all the things around after it gets extinguished. The real culprit is the smoke and soot that was caused by the fire. The smoke has all the remnants in the fine form of the item, which caught the flames and destroyed.

Following are the things which you must take care of in case of fire and smoke damage.

Don't Try To Do It Yourself.

The fire's residue and particles can be far more dangerous if they come from the synthetic material burning object. The synthetic material is composed of some materials which can be hazardous form your health when they are roasted and get converted into smoke.

Never try to clean the smoke and soot from the valuables' surface and inventory from your house or commercial building by yourself.

Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

Call our expert technicians to take care of the smoke in the most professional and secure ways to keep the people safe and protected from the smoke's dangerous effects inside. Our techniques know that not all the smokes are the same, and you need different types of chemicals and equipment in taking care of the smoke and soot. Only water and detergent is not the primary tool to fight the smoke and soot stuck on the walls and equipment.

Cleaning upholstery and carpets become the most challenging task for people. Our technicians are equipped with modern tools and use scientific methods in cleaning the soft and delicate valuables in the most satisfying ways.

The cracks in the walls and your ceiling are the most difficult places to clean. But with the right equipment and safe to use chemicals for humans, make our team the most robust and productive in providing you with safety from the harmful particles from the smoke and soot inside your building.

Quick Tips for When You Experience a Loss

Following are the tips which can help save you from the damages of the smoke:

  • When the outside temperature is higher than 60 degrees, it is safe to open all the doors and windows to allow the air to take all the smoke out from the house or commercial building.
  • When you are inside, and the fire has been taken care of. You can wash and clean all the laminated surfaces. All the structures made from any metal like aluminum or fixtures can be wiped and cleaned to save them from tarnishing and corrosion.
  • If you have any furnace in the building that uses forced hot air, we advise replacing the filter as it is high chances that these filters are clogged and could not allow the air to pass.
  • If there are some open food containers, discard them right away.

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